Castledrum National School – Castlemaine, Co.Kerry

Fact File

School name: Castledrum National School

The Daily Mile Start Date: November 2017

Number of students participation? The whole school (93)


A brief Description of your school

We are a small rural school located in Kerry.

We have a total of 93 students in the entire school.

The Daily Mile is ran in our school playground.


Your School’s Experience of The Daily Mile

Our experience has been a positive one. The only small issue was the bad weather we have had over the past few months but whenever possible we ran the mile.

Children have much more energy since starting The Daily Mile. They are also much more willing to engage in the run everyday.

The children’s concentration and focus has improved and therefore their learning and relationships with peers has improved accordingly.

We have also linked The Daily Mile with subjects such as Science and Maths. In Science we learn about how to be healthier and our heart rates and in Maths we work out our heart rates (beats per minute) after the run.


Do you have any individual success stories?

We have one particular student with Attention Deficit Disorder who has extremely poor concentration levels has shown very positive improvements after completing The Daily Mile.

Overall we have definitely seen an improvement in the students fitness and attention in the classroom.


Do you have any tips for other schools looking to get started?

Enjoy it! Focus on the benefits and not the time lost. It is more productive and focused kids always work better when they return to the classroom. It is such a simple initiative that is very beneficial.