Stokane National School – Co. Sligo

Fact File

School Name: Stokane National School, Sligo.

When we started: Started last September 2017 and have continued it throughout the year.

The whole school (34) students do the run everyday


Our Experience of The Daily Mile

We started The Daily Mile back in September 2017 and have continued it throughout the year. We are a quite a small school but every student participates.

The students run around the school yard or if it’s dry enough they run on the school pitch.

Cones are set up in a circle and the kids run around them for 15 minutes.

Some kids like to keep track of the amount of laps they do but for the rest it is just great fun.

We do The Daily Mile before small break every day which is around 10 am as the weather is usually okay and we find that it wakes up the students for the day ahead.



Benefits we’ve noticed

It is clear to see that the fitness levels of the kids has improved since we started The Daily Mile.

It has definitely given the kids something to look forward to everyday.

Benefits have crossed into Maths and Geography by adding our combined total distance and mapping the radius.




Quotes from Students and Teachers

It wakes everybody involved up for the day (teachers included). The children are more energetic afterwards is what I see myself and hear from other teachers, too”

“The fitness of the kids has definitely increased as they are running for longer while enjoying it”

“The extra exercise has given the students a lot more energy and concentration in class which is brilliant to see, long may it continue”.