Everybody’s doing ‘The Daily Mile’ – health initiative for schools promoted by Athletics Ireland gets new theme song performed by Sina Theil

Childhood obesity is on the rise; the average child spends less than 10 minutes a day outside. According to a study from 2023, 77.6% of boys and 84.7% of girls are insufficiently active. Initiatives like The Daily Mile – 15 minutes’ walk or run – promoted by Athletics Ireland, are vital to nurturing and developing healthy habits for children in primary schools.

“The Daily Mile, promoted by Athletics Ireland, has now been embraced by over 1,300 Primary Schools, who are making it part of their school day,” Frank Greally, ambassador for The Daily Mile, said. “We’re delighted that The Daily Mile now has an uplifting, inspiring theme song composed by Jack Plunkett and performed by Sina Theil.”

Sina Theil is an award-winning artist and singer-songwriter. She is a health & wellness contributor to Irish Runner Magazine; a fitness enthusiast, psychologist, social media influencer and motivational speaker, as well as a TV and radio presenter.

Speaking about recording The Daily Mile theme song, Sina said: “I’m delighted to support such a wonderful cause. Fitness and wellbeing are very important to me, especially when it comes to schools – that’s where we can really make a difference. With this song I hope to promote a healthy lifestyle among children all over the country by encouraging them to make it fun, get inspired and get outdoors.”

Niall Moyna, Professor of Clinical Exercise Physiology in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dublin City University said “There is no more important thing for a child than their physical and mental health and there is no better way to get it than through The Daily Mile – 15 minutes of walking or running a day.”

Irish distance running legend and mother Catherina McKiernan said: “When you see The Daily Mile in action in a primary school, you realise its positive impact on children from both physical and social aspects. I would encourage all primary schools to adopt this simple-to-organise daily exercise.”.

The Daily Mile single release coincides with the 70th anniversary month of Sir Roger Bannister becoming the first athlete in history to run a mile in under four minutes; a record he set on May 6th 1954.

The Daily Mile recording is now available for iTunes pre-order at https://sinatheil.lnk.to/dailymile and will be available on all major download & streaming platforms on May 26th.

Furthermore, to celebrate reaching her first 1 million views on Youtube with The Fields of Athenry, Sina Theil is releasing a new inspirational song on June 9th titled Girl Goin’ Nowhere. The track is now available for pre-order at https://sinatheil.lnk.to/girlgoinnowhere and speaks of how self-belief, consistency and dedication make any dream come true; a message that is very important for children in the times we live in.

 For more information on how to sign up for The Daily Mile, please contact: [email protected] or visit www.thedailymile.ie

For more information on Sina Theil, please contact [email protected]

Photo Caption:

Catherina McKiernan and Sina Theil join children at St Brigid’s NS in Castleknock for a run at the launch of The Daily Mile Song