The Daily Mile – One small step, but a giant leap to a healthier lifestyle!

Running Free with Catherina – The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is a new social activity wherein children at primary schools run or jog at their own pace, for 15 minutes every day during school hours with their friends.  The initiative is all about improving the fitness of children

There is no focus on winning or competition between the children and there is no cost involved.  The children go out at some stage during the school hours and run, jog or walk a mile.  Every child need not run a mile, they do what they can.

“Young people can get sucked into social media and computer games”

When I was at primary school, many moons ago I went to school early so that I could run around or play football with a few friends.

It is of utmost importance that children are active.  As a parent of a 16-year-old and 12-year-old I see how young people can get sucked into social media and computer games.

“It will be ‘cool’ not to have a phone”

I am a very active person, but I constantly have to encourage my two children to go outside and exercise.  My dream is that in the not too distant future it will be ‘cool’ not to have a phone.

Everyone has fun taking part

With the Daily Mile it’s recommended that it is during class time so that children have their full break/play time.  Everyone has fun taking part.

It is not PE nor is it competitive, but rather healthy and feeling of wellbeing through physical activity.

Frank is very enthusiastic and passionate”

The Daily Mile was first introduced in a primary school in Scotland in 2012 and has been a tremendous success. The Daily Mile was launched in St. Brigid’s N.S. in Castleknock, Dublin in April.

Frank Greally in association with Athletics Ireland is ambassador for the Daily Mile.  Frank is very enthusiastic and passionate about bringing and making The Daily Mile a great success in every school in Ireland.

Athletics Ireland will act as the hub for the development along with local authorities and Sports Partnerships.

The Daily Mile benefits for children

For children it improves physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing.

It’s is fun, friendly and sociable.

All children are included, and all children succeed. Children enjoy a sense of freedom outside in the fresh air.

It reduces anxiety and stress.

Children know they are healthier and proud of their fitness and likely to consider their diet and overall health.

The Daily Mile for teachers

It takes only 15 minutes from leaving the classroom until returning.

The run takes place every day ideally at a time when the teacher decides it is suitable.  There is no equipment, training or staff development needed.

Children run in their school clothes.

Focus, concentration and behaviour are improved.

Children return to class refreshed, energised and settle quickly to work.

For Parents

It takes place in a safe and secure environment.

Children are noticeable fitter, usually only 4 weeks after running regularly.

It helps reduce obesity.

It encourages children to take part in physical activity out of school.

Children develop greater resilience and confidence and it helps make children feel happier.

“Let’s embrace this fantastic initiative”

Teachers should plan the school day so that the Daily Mile is on top of their to do list.

I would consider the 15 minutes of activity as important as any of the subjects on the curriculum.

So, teachers let’s embrace this fantastic initiative and get our school children fit.  For further information contact the

Ambassador of the Daily Mile Frank Greally on 087 2569690 and the

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